Family Cirlce

This lovely contemporary design of a traditional family tree would make an amazing gift for your mother, father or even grandparents, celebrating birthdays and anniversaries, as well as Mother's Day and Father's Day or just a simple gift for a reunion.

A family circle because it never ends and is a great way to remember the people who are no longer here with us and to welcome the new. Each circle symbolises a generation and acts as a reminder for every new generation, from where they came from.

roohi n akshay ganesh copy.jpg


The elephant God Ganesh is symbolic of auspiciousness, strength and intellectual prowess. The image of Ganesh thus represents man's eternal striving towards integration with nature. 
Abstract art seeks to break away from traditional representation of physical objects. It explores the relationships of forms and colours, where as more traditional art represents the world in recognisable images. 
My inspiration for creating different forms of Ganesh are derived from the shape of the elephant tusks, trunk and ears.

Colourful Culture

These designs are inspired by the different customs of India. The different cultures amassed in this one country are phenomenal, and a never ending source of inspiration for myself.

red om ganesh copy.jpg
golden brown mask copy.jpg

African Adventure

This collection is very close to my heart. Having experienced the different cultures that a single country can offer, i have tried to encapsulate the ethnicity, colours and vibes that i have felt growing up in Nairobi.


Elephants are found living in herds as a family, with one matriarch in charge and other matriarchs as valued role models.
African tribes, recognizing and honoring the emotional characteristics of elephants pass legends of mythical elephants with special powers from generation to generation.
Observations of elephants’ intelligence and compassion are part of tribal life. Elephants have an innate sense of love, compassion, grief and trauma.



A Mandala is a Hindu or Buddhist graphic symbol of the universe; specifically : a circle enclosing a square with a deity on each side that is used chiefly as an aid to meditation
It is also a graphic and often symbolic pattern usually in the form of a circle divided into four separate sections or bearing a multiple projection of an image

Tote Bags

The inspiration for the tote bags came from simple ethnic
prints. I really enjoyed working on these, as the simplicity
and repetitive motion of the printing was therapeutic.



This is a new venture for Kuni Design. Favours of all sorts of occasions.


Mirror mirror on the wall...

Flame mirror.jpg

Canvas Paintings

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Mandap/Mandvo Pots

Mandvo is one of the rituals that takes place in Hindu/Jain wedding. Traditionally a wedding took place under a wooden canopy called a mandap/mandvo, in the olden days this would be put up outside where you would need to dig the ground for the structure to stay in place.
This ceremony asks for the blessings of Mother Earth for the digging to start. These days the priest will ask for some sand to be brought into a small decorated pot into which they will insert a decorated wood log to mark the significance.

mandap pot design.jpg